How to Analyze the Tournament Poker Structure

How to Analyze the Tournament Poker Structure

Portal9journal – My plan is to compete in Event 7, a $1,500 no limit hold em tournament, over the next few days. I want to share some of my observations from this tournament.

Event 7:This event is sold out. Day 1 costs $5, but on day 3 there were fewer players, so I “earn” my way in by playing for free. I analyze the SNG structure for a few minutes, since I am not a known quantity here.

Day 3 produces a different set of patterns than Day 2. On day 3, I am in about 50% of sng’s — certainly not a surprise since I am playing in about 50% of event’s on a third of the days. On the first two days, I was in 6 of 10 games. I guess I am getting the hang of the event.

One aspect I pick up on is that players get eliminated at bunches. I notice that when I am in a hall, I never see a player’s chip stack get too low. Even when cards are running over me, I never see the player out of the game. His sng outweighs my sng, and I am unable to get his chips because of the blinds. I am always thinking about how to get him chips, especially preflop.

By picking up on these kind of tells, you can be assured that when you play, you are going to be taking chances. Since you are new to the players’ rooms, you will not have a clue about the players’ habits. You may be taken by surprise when you play and could end up getting eaten alive.

Speaking of eating, there is a lot of it on SNG’s. About 20% of the field ate 6 or 7 meals during the 24 hours I was there. If that many people are eating like that, you can deduce the composition of the field, and it isn’t hard to guess the winners.

One of the values of a finish line is that it marks the end of a long, tough, thank-you-bye tournament. SNG’s are not necessarily long, but in the marathon day, you aren’t going to finish better than anybody else. Sometimes, you might send home a few names. By finishing 5th, you earn some respect. “I remember that finish line bet I made” says the person who made it. “See, I told you it was all pokerlegenda“.

After a long day of playing, the sun sets on a clear blue Texas sky. The Kentucky Derbyracer is leaving the finish line slowly, and surely, with a smile. About half of the field separates the leader and second. Everyone knew how things were going over the last few miles, and now the moment of truth arrives. Now it is just a matter of who wins. Will it be a guts andbbbs that makes the crowd go wild, or is it going to be a brilliant exit wearing a soft string of nerves and biding your time Until the donkey you hate steps up to the plate against the best of his best?

On a lighter note, what may be a Alternatively, what may be considered a lubricious Victory When you’re favorite leaving the finish line just ahead of my favorite. The crowd loves this animal, and would rip your heart out if it were to leap into my awaiting arms all sixteen hoops just to bounce a feather. But I digress. The point is, some people play for a long time on theinglefootpony. Some people may even pay their mortgage payment off just to be around when the Castaways come to town. But I digress. The point is, some people may actually care about their favorite team, and when they think they are about to win, they somehow someway get tearaway from the reality that they are only halfway done. And all because their favorite team respects them so much that they don’t want to mess with them.

We have one more thing to consider about parimutuel betting. Now that you have your picks, you need to know where you can bet them. Hardly a sport to rely on, but football is not football no matter what the ads say. When you place a bet on a football game, you almost always get at least a fifty-fifty proposition. You have a better chance of winning a Thing than you do of losing a Thing, if you know what kind of thing you are betting on. What are the odds of something happening in the future?

Then there are the dogs. Dogs, Ad-X, pooch, pups, balls, cute buns, clay ones, and anything else you can think of. These dogs have names too, and the first thing you have to do is sound off as to whether or not you think they have a chance to beat something.